Eating Tips That Can Help You Reduce Bloating

If you are experiencing an issue where you feel bloated and swollen around the abdominal area, then this may be a sign of a serious gastrointestinal ailment. However, this is rare and you may be able to treat the issue at home through a few tips and tricks. Find out more about what these are. Watch How You Eat One of the most common reasons why you may feel bloated is that gas is building in the intestinal tract. [Read More]

Lab Confidential: Keeping Your Lab Tests & Results in Order & Out of Prying Eyes

Running a lab in a hospital is a major endeavor because the board of directs expects everyone to perform a certain amount of hospital research in order to maintain the hospital's standard of excellence. A hospital lab is a very busy place indeed! So, when it comes to keeping all of your lab tests and results in order and keeping results out of sight and confidential, how do you manage it? [Read More]

3 Ways To Find The Best Candidates For Jobs In Your Healthcare Facility

If you operate a healthcare facility, then you obviously need the right employees to help with taking care of patients and running the facility. If you're looking for potential people to hire right now, you could be wondering about the best way to go about it. These three ideas can help you with not only finding job candidates but potentially finding the best and most qualified candidates for the job. [Read More]

Considering A Medical Practice Merger? Equipment Appraisal Basics

Medical center mergers are becoming more common as facilities look to grow their patient base and expand their care offerings. However, you cannot adequately or accurately complete any merger with another medical care facility unless you know the financials are sound. One thing you should never overlook is obtaining an accurate and comprehensive appraisal of the medical equipment that the prospective center owns. Here's what you need to know about these mergers and the importance of these appraisals. [Read More]