What To Expect When Getting Dental Implants

If you are a candidate for dental implants, you may have some worries about the procedure. This is a normal reaction, but be assured, dental implant placement is a relatively harmless procedure that can give you the benefit of a full set of teeth when completed. Here is some information that you can use to address your concerns in the implant placing procedure.

Will I Be Allowed To Get Implants?

Your dentist, one like Lonnie W Tiner DDS, will let you know if having implants placed will be something that your body and your teeth will be able to handle. You will need to be in relatively good health, as implant placement is a surgical procedure. You will also need to have a strong bone structure in the gum area. Your dentist will check this with the use of X-Rays before letting you know if the procedure can be done. You will need to be able to commit to taking care of your new teeth after they are placed by following your dentist's orders.

How Is The Procedure Administered?

Placing implants will be done surgically. You will be given anesthesia when having this procedure done. Your gums will be cut, and small metal rods will be placed underneath in the area where the roots to your missing teeth were located. You will get one rod for each tooth that is missing. The rod will be embedded into the bone area above your gums.

Implants are small rods that will stick out from your gums. You will have individual false teeth made for any tooth that you have lost previously. These new teeth will be placed onto the ends of the rods, giving your smile the appearance of one that has real teeth. 

Your new teeth will be picked out by you with the help of your dentist. You will need to figure out what color would look best and what shape and size of the tooth will look appropriate when placed. Your dentist will give you suggestions according to how your previous teeth had looked if there is information on this. If not, you will go through a series of suggestions and will need to pick something that looks uniform with your existing teeth.

What Are The Benefits Over Dentures?

Having implants placed will give your mouth a smile that looks realistic. You will not need to worry about having your teeth fall out when you try to bite food or when the adhesive wears off. You will not have discomfort in your mouth that dentures often give after a period of time. You will take care of your new teeth in the same manner as you did your real teeth. With dentures, you need to remove them to deep clean them.