3 Things You Need To Know About Home Care

Whenever a loved one is very ill and requires constant care, most people want nothing more than to be able to do everything they can for them. However, in today's fast and busy world, that is not always possible. While you can likely be there for your loved one for a little each day, you likely can't be there all of the time because of work and family obligations. With home care services, you can ensure that your sick loved one is being taken care of when you can't be around. [Read More]

Ways To Help Your Teenage Children Quit Smoking

If you found a pack of cigarettes in your children's room, or smell smoke on their clothes, you should take immediate steps to help them quit smoking. This might seem like a large issue, but you have to do whatever you can to help your children form good habits that will let them live a healthy life.. Below are some tips to help them leave this nasty habit behind. Visit the Oncology Ward [Read More]

4 Things You Need To Know About Keratoprosthesis

Not everyone is a good candidate for a conventional cornea transplant. Patients who have suffered through rejection of their donor corneas aren't good candidates for another transplant, and this is where keratoprosthesis comes in. If one of your loved ones has suffered through a failed cornea transplant, here's what you need to know about keratoprosthesis.  What is keratoprosthesis? Keratoprosthesis is a surgical procedure that replaces diseased or damaged corneas. It is similar to conventional cornea transplant surgery, but there is one major difference. [Read More]

Flu Shots: Is Skipping Them Really Saving You Money?

Most health insurance companies offer low-cost flu shots, but those without health insurance or with limited health coverage might have to cough up big bucks to get vaccinated against the flu. While this cost can be daunting, it might actually be more cost effective to shell out the money and get the vaccine than it would be to actually come down with the flu. The High Cost of the Flu [Read More]