Halo Laser Treatment: Frequently Asked Questions

You've tried every exfoliator, mask, serum, and moisturizer and you still haven't achieved the smooth, youthful, healthy skin you're after. You've heard of the Halo laser therapy but aren't sure if this technology is the right answer for you. Halo is a safe and proven procedure that can help you achieve the enviable skin you've always dreamed of. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions you might have about Halo laser therapy. [Read More]

Weed Delivery 101: A Guide For New Customers

For patients who live in a state where medical or recreational marijuana is legal, the convenience of going to a dispensary and picking out their weed is great. However, there are actually companies out there in some of these states that are taking that convenience a step further by offering a weed delivery service. For patients who have a chronic illness that can make getting out of the house difficult, weed delivery service can be a saving grace. [Read More]

3 Times When You Will See A Nervous Systems Specialist

There are certain illnesses and health concerns that you know you'll need a specialist for. These specialists are generally seen after a referral from your primary physician. There are some common specialists, but one that is not so common to hear is a nervous system specialist. If you have never heard of this particular type of specialist, you may be wondering when you would need to see one. Here are three times when you will see this particular type of specialist and what they do for each health issue. [Read More]

Understanding The Difference Between Palliative And Hospice Care

If you or a loved one has become affected by a chronic or fatal illness, then you may hear your doctors using a variety of terms that include palliative and hospice care. However, while many people believe that these terms are interchangeable and used to describe end-of-life care, this is simply not true. If you want to know about the differences between palliative and hospice care, keep reading. Palliative Care [Read More]