Exercises Your Physical Therapist May Recommend For Athletic Hip Pain

Do you often find that your hips feel sore during or after exercise? Whether caused by tendon irritation, weak muscles, or an old injury, hip pain can be quite debilitating and can keep you from enjoying the sport you love. Thankfully, there are several pretty simple exercises a physical therapist can prescribe and guide you through performing. Take a look below: Bridge-Ups You may have performed bridge-ups for fun as a child. [Read More]

Eating Tips That Can Help You Reduce Bloating

If you are experiencing an issue where you feel bloated and swollen around the abdominal area, then this may be a sign of a serious gastrointestinal ailment. However, this is rare and you may be able to treat the issue at home through a few tips and tricks. Find out more about what these are. Watch How You Eat One of the most common reasons why you may feel bloated is that gas is building in the intestinal tract. [Read More]