Foster Patient Loyalty: 3 Innovative Ways To Keep Them Coming Back For More Services

Just as with any business, your regulars are your bread and butter; they are the solid foundation of your practice. Not only do regulars keep you busy, they allow you to run a profitable business without the need for constant recruiting and advertising. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do your best to keep wooing your regular patients each time you interact with them. After all, patient loyalty only goes so far. If you're not doing everything you can to keep your patients coming back for more services, you can lose them to another practice. 

Run a Tight Office

Run a tight office and run on time. In today's technological world, there's no reason to be caught off guard. Innovative software allows you and your team to schedule appointments, keep track of patients, store patient records, send out results and bill for services. By using an integrated software system, such as EHR software for chiropractors, that takes care of virtually every part of your business, you can better serve your patients and avoid lengthy and frustrating tasks, such as searching for patient records and test results, that put you behind. 

Make it Personal

Treat all of your patients like you would your own family. Converse with them and learn everything you can about their personal life. Not only will this help you foster a close relationship with them, you might learn something about them that will help you treat them better. Afraid you won't remember what they tell you? Put little tidbits about your patients into their file so you will remember them on subsequent appointments. For example, If one of your patients has a pet poodle that they adore, write its name in their file. 

Open Lines of Communication

Patients hate waiting around for a call from their chiropractor regarding test results or future treatment. Alleviate the frustration by keeping lines of communication open. If a test result is taking longer than expected to come back, contact your patient and tell them so. Don't leave them waiting and wondering. Also, encourage your patients to contact you with any questions and concerns they may have. 

There are many ways you can foster close relationships with your patients and keep them coming back to your practice. In addition to providing a safe, clean and friendly office to visit, be sure to take a few extra steps to make your patients - the solid foundation of your business - happy.