Increasing The Communication In Your Marriage

If you are suffering from communication problems with your spouse or significant other, you may want to try rekindling your relationship by increasing the frequency and duration of your talking sessions with each other. When two people seem to have difficulty speaking to each other about their feelings or even just with daily discussions, it may be time to try some exercises in increasing the amount of banter you exchange. Here are a few ideas you can use to improve the line of communication between partners.

Do A Project Together

Pick a home improvement project that requires two sets of hands and prepare to do this together. Taking time to enhance a portion of your home can be a fun way to increase the talking you will need to do as a couple. This can be as simple as hanging up a new shelf to place knickknacks or undertaking the painting of an entire room. Plan the project from the beginning to the end as a pair, from picking out the supplies needed to taking before and after photos. You will feel a sense of accomplishment in the end result, and will get to spend some together time in the process.

Plan A Getaway

Make reservations at a hotel with your partner. Let them know you believe you would both benefit from a few nights away from home to get away from everyday stresses. Make sure they have time within their schedule before going ahead with arrangements. When you leave, have a rule that electronics will be put away to be checked only at specified times during the day or night. This will allow you both to have the attention of the other without the temptation of looking at social media or playing games instead of talking to each other. Plan a dinner out or take in a show or movie together. Sometimes getting away from the grind can open up the line of communication naturally.

Get Another Perspective

If communication is thwarted by anger, it may be best to consider marriage counseling. This can also be beneficial if communication does not improve after trying to spend more time together. A counselor will help both parties talk through their concerns and will help to come up with a plan to help increase the talking you do with each other. There may be underlying reasons for the lack of emotional contact that are not out in the open with the other party. A counselor will help to work through these issues with doing some structured activities as well.