Some Helpful Mobility Aids That You Might Want For Your Elderly Loved One

If you have started to find yourself to be a little worried about your loved ones lack of mobility skills, you might want to consider buying some things to help him or her out. Before you purchase anything, you will want to review the following mobility aids so you can decide which ones will be the best for your elderly family member.

Cane With A Folding Seat

Many elderly people find that they only need a cane to help them get around. However, they might have trouble walking for too long without needing to stop and take a break. This is where the cane with a seat comes in handy. The seat folds up against the side of the cane so that it does not stick out while your loved one is walking. However, the seat easily folds out, along with some additional legs for support, so that your family member can safely take a sit and rest a little bit.

Electronic Scooters

Many people find that they need to find a quality scooter for their aging loved one, as it has become too difficult or possibly unsafe for him or her to walk around. When shopping for electric scooters, you are going to want to review all of your options. There are scooters with three or four wheels. Some have extra large baskets attached to them, which allows for extra storage. Some are easy to fold down and fit into the trunk of a vehicle, which is nice when you want to take the scooter with your loved one when going shopping. Then you have the heavy duty scooters which are designed to hold more weight. This is ideal for heavier elderly individuals.

Specialty Wheelchairs

You now have more options than your standard plain wheelchair. There are now heavy duty wheel chairs for the heavier elderly individuals. They can hold more weight and tend to have wider seats which will allow for a more comfortable ride. Then there are reclining wheel chairs, which is ideal for people who may be confined to their wheel chairs more often than not. It gives them a chance to stretch out a little more than they can in a perfectly upright position.

With all of those suggestions in mind, it should be easy for you to see that you do not have to simply stick with the regular old mobility aids of the past. To learn more, visit a website like