Tips For Consuming Medical Cannabis

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal and your doctor has prescribed it to you to assist with depression, epilepsy, chronic back pain, or some other malady, you might not know where to start. Here are some tips for consuming medical cannabis so that it is as effective as possible.    

1. Smoking

There are several different advantages associated with smoking cannabis. The first is that there are many methods that you can choose from to do it. You can smoke it in a regular pipe or a water pipe, also known as a bong. You can also roll it in special rolling paper and create what is known as a joint. In times where rolling paper cannot be easily obtained, a cigarillo that has been emptied (so as to avoid tobacco usage) will work as well. You can purchase cigarillos from your local gas station. A second advantage to choosing smoking as your method of consuming cannabis is that it will provide you the fastest relief. It is also very easy for you to regulate how much cannabis you are taking into your body because you can measure out the exact amount that your doctor prescribed and add only that to the rolling paper or bong.

The disadvantages associated with smoking cannabis include the fact that smoking can be harmful to your lungs if you do it regularly and has the potential to cause cancer. If you have any sort of lung cancer already or asthma, you might not be able to smoke the cannabis. Finally, cannabis has a strong smell that you might prefer not to have clinging to your clothes.   

2. Edibles

A second method that you can use to consume medical cannabis is to bake it into something that you can eat. You can either make brownies or some other edible yourself using a recipe you find online or you can purchase pre-made edibles. The advantages include the fact that edibles tend to relieve pain for a longer period of time and that edibles will not increase your risk of getting cancer. The disadvantages of edibles is that it can take a few hours to kick in and you can have a hard time getting the correct dosage unless you have someone specially make the edibles for you.

For more information about how to use cannabis to help relieve your pain, talk to your doctor or your local dispensary (such as Pono Life Sciences, LLC.). They will be able to help you find a method that is right for you.