Signs You Have A Problem With Your Follicle Stimulating Hormone Levlels

Hormones are like messengers for the endocrine system. Released in one part of the body, they travel to other areas of the body and give the organs of the body information about how to function. Follicle Stimulating Hormone, or FSH, is one of the hormones that dictates how the body's reproductive organs function. If you have a problem with the level of FSH in you body, several problems can occur.

Early or Late Puberty

One of the first indications that you have a FSH problem is if you start puberty too early or too late. Girls should not begin to develop until age 6 or 7 at the earliest and boys around age 9. Developing before this age means that something in your body is out of whack. On the other hand, if the years role by, and you don't start puberty, this too is a problem. While problems with your body's production of FSH are not the only cause that can affect the onset of puberty, doctors will want to test FSH levels.


The onset of puberty is just one of the functions that is affects by FSH production. In females, this hormone plays a key role in the preparing eggs for reproduction. In males, it affects the production of sperm. If one partner, has a pen FSH problem, it is enough to make having children difficult or impossible. However, in order to decide whether the male or the female partner has a problem, doctors will want to test the FSH levels in both partners.

Irregular Period

You may be starting to understand just how important FSH is to the proper function of the body's reproductive system,  so it should come as no surprise that irregular FSH levels can also affect he regularly a woman has a period and how long periods last. In any case, if something is off with a woman's period, then she should look into having her FSH levels tested.

You may not even realize that you have a problem with your FSH levels unless you understand how your body should function. If you can't have a child, it should be fairly obvious that something is not working right. On the order hand, a woman might think the way her period happens is just the way it should happen. To make sure your endocrine is functioning the way it should, you should go to the doctor regularly and have your FSH tests if your doctor finds something off with your reproductive system