Wines And Spirits: Determining Alcohol Intolerance Or Allergy

For nearly every substance or material on earth, there is a possibility that someone can be allergic or intolerant. Even seemingly innocuous things, such as the sun or cold weather can cause a major allergic reaction to some people's skin. If you have been having negative reactions to alcohol that fall outside of the realm of a hangover or a small stomach ache the morning after, you may be allergic to it. There are people who are allergic to alcohol and those who are simply intolerant to alcohols of certain types. Here are some ways to tell the difference. 

Get an alcohol grain allergy test

If your body has been reacting poorly to you drinking alcohol, you should get an allergy test done by your doctor. In order to test for an allergy that can be caused by vodka, gin, and more, allergists will use the grains that are used to create those alcohols for a skin prick test. Depending on how your skin reacts to the skin prick test, your allergy doctor will be able to let you know whether or not you have an alcohol allergy. 

Determine when you get the flushed look

Those who are intolerant to alcohol and those who are allergic to alcohol will have a similar flushed look to their face and feel somewhat warm. The difference is when it happens. If you are getting flushed and your skin is getting red after a few beers or mixed drinks, you are likely intolerant to alcohol. This means that your body may have issues with breaking down the alcohol in your digestive system. If you get flushed after just one drink or shot and your skin can actually feel different, almost like a slight ache, you likely have an allergy to alcohol and should avoid drinking spirits. 

Stop if you have a heavy heartbeat

If your heartbeat tends to increase when you have a drink or two, it is important to refer to a doctor to get a blood test to check your alcohol tolerance. A raise in heartbeat is felt by those who cannot properly metabolize alcohol, as well as those who are allergic to grains, yeast, and other ingredients that make up alcohol. If your heartbeat gets fast while you are at the bar, you should stop drinking immediately and make an appointment to see a doctor. Your heart working harder is a clear warning sign that you need to stop the drinking temporarily and determine just how much your body tolerates alcohol.

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