Have An Office Job? How To Prevent Your Hand Or Wrist Problem From Affecting Your Work

People who work in an office setting can be more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist and hand problems. Even though you might have problems with your hand or wrist, however, you might not be able to or want to change your job. However, it is possible to prevent your hand or wrist problem from affecting your work any more than necessary. These are a few ways to do so.

Use a Brace

Have you tried using a brace on your hand or wrist? Wearing a brace can help you keep your hand and wrist stable, which can help keep it comfortable and can help minimize damage while you're on the job. Consider talking to your doctor about this option so that you can find out more about a brace that might help provide you with more comfort and allow you to get your job done each day at work.

Use Speech-to-Text Software

Have you tried using speech-to-text software? It can take some getting used to, but one of these software programs can be very helpful for someone who isn't able to type easily anymore due to carpal tunnel syndrome or other similar problems. Basically, with this type of program, you wear a headset and speak into it when you want to "type" something. Then, the program will type it for you. You'll still need to proofread and may need to manually enter some things, but overall, it can help you cut out a lot of the typing that you do during the day, which can provide you with some relief while allowing you to be fully productive.

Switch Tasks Often

If you have various tasks to do during the day, such as if you have to make phone calls and type up documents, then switching back and forth from job to job can help provide you with some relief while allowing you to get everything on your list done. For example, typing for an hour or so and then switching to make phone calls for another hour or so can allow you to put less pressure on your hands and wrists at one time.

Plan Ahead for Surgery

If you have to have surgery done on your hand or wrist, working with your employer to come up with the best time to do so can be smart. Then, you can schedule your surgery for a time of year when your office might not be as busy, which can allow you to tend to your healthcare needs while ensuring that your position is covered while you are recovering.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can prevent your hand or wrist problem from affecting your job. If you work in an office setting, you might find that following these tips is very helpful if you have hand or wrist problems, such as if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Contact a clinic like Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C. to learn more.