How Physical Therapy Helps Women With Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Giving birth to a large number of children can be a challenging, but worthwhile, experience for many women. However, some — but not all — may find that their vaginal muscles are weakened after this experience and that their pelvic floor suffers as a result. Thankfully, there are many ways of avoiding this persistent issue, such as using physical therapy to adjust your body.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Is a Major Challenge

Women with pelvic floor dysfunction may experience a large number of problems that can make their life difficult. For example, weak muscles in the vaginal area due to aging or giving birth to many children may make it harder for them to control their urination. Some women may experience many types of severe pain that spread through their bodies and make it difficult to avoid suffering.

Unfortunately, this problem is one that often gets worse before it gets better because a lack of support for these weakened muscles may cause them to deteriorate further. When this happens, there's a good chance that those experiencing this problem may need to get treatment to avoid lifelong suffering. Thankfully, physical therapy is available to help manage this problem and create a high level of relief.

Ways Physical Therapy May Help

Physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction is a powerful way for individuals with this problem to stay strong and avoid serious health complications. The type of physical therapy utilized will vary depending on a person's needs. For instance, some women may need more involved therapy that helps to increase their muscle strength, such as various types of vaginal-strengthening routines.

Women can also use stretches in their core area to strengthen muscles around their pelvic floor, creating a stronger and more sustained level of recovery. Treatments of this type may need to be done consistently to create a proper effect. For instance, some women may need to get therapy for months to fully adjust their body, providing them with the best chance of recovering from serious pelvic floor issues.

Through the use of physical therapy, some women may be able to cut back on the need for pelvic floor surgery, allowing them to stay healthy and prevent the worsening of this condition. Thankfully, a growing number of women have learned that they can get this type of treatment and have mastered the various techniques required to prevent the worsening of these symptoms and the pain that they cause.