Several Types Of Home Health Care Are Available

Home health care provides millions of people a safe, comfortable way to live at home while receiving the necessary care. Instead of requiring a senior to move out of a comfortable and safe home, a health care professional can come to your loved one's home.

Home health care professionals make life safe and fun for people in their golden years. Are you curious about the types of care available for your loved one? Here are a few options you might consider.

Companion Home Health Care

Companion care is a common option for seniors who need just a little bit of help. Companions can take care of errands, meal prep, and other light housekeeping duties. For example, they might help put groceries away or retrieve items so that your loved one does not have to worry about injury while reaching for shelves. This provider can also offer a social outlet for your loved one.

Personal Care

For people who might need a little more assistance, personal care via a home health care provider can be a great option. For example, a personal care provider can help with things like bathing and mobility, ensuring that individuals who have chronic health conditions have the help they need. This might involve help with medication management and meals as well.

Specialized Care

There are also specialized care options for your loved one who may have unique healthcare needs. For example, somebody who recently had a stroke will have different needs from somebody who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. You might have doctors and nurses come to the home to provide more advanced care if necessary.

Respite Care

Home health care can also provide respite. This is most common if you or somebody else in the family is a primary caregiver. Respite care provides a break and ensures that your loved one's healthcare does not miss a beat. You might choose respite for a day, a week, a month, or longer, based on your needs. The good news is that your loved one still never has to leave their home.

Learn More About Home Health Care Services

The home health care your loved one receives can be customized to fit their own needs. You can find affordable, high-quality home health care services by speaking with professionals and companies that provide these services. Reach out to a professional service today to learn more about your options for home health care, like MARSCare.