3 Reasons To Implement EO Sterilization Into Your Medical Practice

Sterilization is an important process that helps to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and infections between parties.

Many different types of sterilization methods are used in the medical industry today. The sheer number of options can make it challenging to determine which type of sterilization service will best meet your needs.

Consider incorporating EO sterilization methods into your practice. Ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization can offer a number of unique benefits that will enhance the safety of your practice over time.

1. Use a Singular Sterilization Process for All Materials

The tools, implements, and equipment used in a medical practice can be made from a wide range of materials. Some may feature metal, while others can be made from plastic or glass.

EO sterilization gives you the unique ability to utilize a singular approach to sterilizing your medical materials. EO gasses are capable of cleaning many different types of materials to eliminate harmful pathogens.

Being able to use one machine to sterilize everything in your clinic can reduce overhead costs in the future.

2. Sterilize Within a Specified Time Frame

The environment in which EO sterilization takes place must be carefully controlled. The humidity, temperature, and pressure of the sterilization chamber are all closely regulated.

Should the ethylene oxide be exposed to the air, it can become highly flammable. Inactive gasses are typically added to the ethylene oxide to help make it more stable.

Sterilizing your medical items in this type of controlled environment can minimize the amount of time required to make your tools safe. EO sterilization can be completed within a specified time frame, which allows you to better meet your patient load throughout the day.

3. Sterilize Packaged Materials

Just because a product is still in the manufacturer's packaging doesn't necessarily mean that it is safe for use.

It is possible for newly packaged medical items to contain pathogens that were present in the manufacturing facility where they were created. Porous packaging materials can also allow pathogens to gain entry to new tools and products while these items are stored inside your clinic.

EO sterilization provides you with the unique opportunity to sterilize materials while they are still in the packaging. Ethylene oxide particles can easily move through cartons and sealed films to access the products within these types of packaging.

Implementing EO sterilization services into your medical practice can help you minimize the transfer of pathogens and keep your patients healthier over time.