Is Your Child Being Fitted For Her First Hearing Aid? What Should You Know?

If your child has been diagnosed as hard of hearing, you may be pursuing hearing aids as the best way to provide your child with an aural sense of the world around him. Acquiring hearing aids at an early age can ensure your child remains on track when it comes to language development and even social skills, but you may wonder how you'll ever get a contrary toddler or fidgety pre-schooler to wear these hearing aids without fiddling with them or renewing them entirely. [Read More]

Understanding The Possible Benefits Of Clinical Trials For Acute Myeloid Leukemia

There are many types of cancer that ravage the population, including Acute Myeloid Leukemia. This blood-based cancer can seriously devastate a person. Thankfully, the possibilities presented by many clinical trials could help many get the help they need: Acute Myeloid Leukemia Is A Tough Cancer To Survive Leukemia is often considered one of the toughest types of cancers in the world. AML is one of the worst. It affects at least 20,000 new people every year. [Read More]

Heading On Vacation? Consider Renting A Beach Wheelchair For A Loved One

When you're heading to the beach for a family vacation, you want every member of your family to feel included. However, if there's an elderly family member who would struggle with navigating the sand or a child who has recently sustained a broken leg and is using crutches, you won't want to leave these loved ones on the sidelines. Instead of finding a different activity and having everyone miss out on the fun, consider renting a beach wheelchair for your family member who needs it. [Read More]

Four Tips For Treating Your Child's Cut

Finding that your child has suffered a deep cut can be a stressful but unavoidable part of being a parent. In addition to addressing your child's pain, you will also need to take steps to prevent the cut from developing complications. To help you with treating your child's injury, you should make it a point to follow several important first aid steps: Limit The Bleeding When a cut is particularly deep, it can cause a tremendous amount of bleeding. [Read More]