Temporary Paralysis: How You Can Bounce Back Faster

In a serious car accident, your spine can suffer a number of injuries that cause swelling around your spinal cord. This, in turn, can cause some temporary paralysis, and until the swelling goes down, the doctors will not be able to fully determine the extent of the paralysis. When it is determined that there is no permanent damage to your spine, you can begin to bounce back from this car accident. [Read More]

Tips To Help With Addiction Detoxing

Getting on with your life and moving past any addiction is crucial. You'll want to restore your health and work to feel your best at some point. Addiction can take its toll on your mind, body, and spirit. The first step toward getting past this stage is to have a desire to beat the addiction. Going through a detox program is likely to be the first thing you'll do. Knowing tips that will allow you to be successful during this time can be helpful. [Read More]

4 Ways To Help Elderly Loved Ones Who Need Help With Personal Care

As your loved one reaches the later stages of life, they may no longer be able to care for themselves. Many seniors are resistant to the idea for multiple reasons, but you can do your part to help. Here are four things you can do for elderly loved ones who need help with personal care. 1. Don't ignore their wishes. In some cases, your elderly loved one may be embarrassed about needing help to do basic tasks. [Read More]

How To Find Out What Causes Your Skin Allergies And Treatments That Might Help

A skin allergy can be an annoying and embarrassing condition. The rash from an allergic reaction can last for days, and that could be a problem if it affects your face or hands where it can be easily seen. Plus, the constant itching can be difficult to put up with. If you have itchy rashes that come and go, you should see a skin allergy specialist to find out what causes them and to find an effective treatment. [Read More]