3 Ways To Get Your Young Child To Wear Their Eyeglasses

Getting your child to like and want to wear their eyeglasses can sometimes be difficult. However, there are certain things that you can do to encourage your child to wear their eyeglasses more often. This article will discuss three ways that you can do this. 

Let Them Pick Out Their Own Pair

If you know that your child is hesitant about wearing glasses, then you can start off on the right foot by having them pick out their own frames. If they pick out their own frames, they will be more likely to wear them because they will have picked out a pair that they are comfortable in. Be sure to compliment your child when they try on frames that you like on them, and tell them how great they look. Making the process of picking out their frames will help them take ownership of their glasses and see the process as a positive thing, rather than a negative one. 

Show Your Child The Difference The Glasses Make In Their Vision

If your child's argument is that they can see just fine without their glasses on, then it is important that you show them just how big of a difference their glasses actually are making for them. You can do this by having them read several signs and words at different distances with and without their glasses on. You can also have them look at different pictures and describe to you how clear they are. Once you have shown them several different examples of how their glasses improve their vision, they will be more apt to wear them and reap the benefits. 

Reward and Praise Your Child When They Do Wear Their Glasses

It can sometimes be hard to remember to reward and praise your child when they actually do wear their glasses, because you may spend a lot of your time trying to convince them to keep them on. However, it is so crucial that your praise them when they do wear them because this will motivate them to keep their glasses on for longer periods of time. You can even offer your child a reward when they wear their glasses without complaining or taking them off. For example, if your child keeps their glasses on for two hours, you can add a sticker to their chart. Once they get 5 stickers, they can get a small toy. Something as simple as this will really motivate your child to keep their glasses on and get the vision benefits from them.  For more information about eyeglasses, contact a company like the Spectacle Shoppe, Inc.