Tips For Adjusting To Not Wearing Glasses

If you have had the good fortune to undergo laser eye surgery or get new contacts, you might decide that you no longer need to wear your glasses and are instead going to wear your contacts or enjoy your new, functioning eyes from the surgery full-time. However, if you have worn glasses for a long time, you might undergo somewhat of a difficult transition period when you stop wearing them. The reason for this is that you and the people around you are going to need some time to get used to your new look. Here are some tips on getting through that transition.

1. Wear Minimal Makeup

You might have not noticed any need to wear cover up or eyeliner because your glasses essentially hid the dark circles underneath your eyes and framed your eyes in an appealing way. Now that you are not wearing glasses, you might be noticing flaws that you didn't pay attention to before. Don't go out and immediately purchase makeup to cover up the area under your eyes unless you want to go through two transitions: the transition from wearing glasses to not wearing glasses and the transition from wearing makeup to not wearing makeup. Instead, wear just enough makeup to make you feel confident.

2. Be Ready for Comments

People can be insensitive when they comment on other people's appearances. You might worry that other people are going to say that you look tired or that you look different and not in a good way. Have snarky responses to shut those comments down. When people comment on your appearance, they are really just saying "wow, you look different" but it comes off as rude. If someone says you look tired, say "nope, this is just my face." If someone says that you look different, say "yes, and I like it." Reaffirm your decision.

3. Take Selfies

Finally, get used to your new look by taking more pictures of it and exposing yourself to it more often. The best way to do this is to take selfies, which allow you to take pics from your best angle and get just the right look. The more you see your new look, the less shocked you will be by it.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in Lasik eye surgery. They will be able to give you some of the techniques that other people they have operated on have used to get through the transition.