Four Signs You Need A Hearing Test

Hearing loss usually comes on slowly. Many people don't actually realize their hearing has been compromised until their hearing loss is quite severe. But you can be the exception to the rule! Here are five early signs that you may have hearing loss and should therefore head to the doctor to get your hearing tested.

You have to ask people to repeat themselves all the time.

Do you often find yourself asking speakers to repeat what they have just said? Pay attention the next time you are in a conversation, and see if this is a habit. Many people pick up this habit as their hearing starts diminishing. You may also notice that you struggle to hear what people are saying unless you're also watching their lips move.

Your TV seems to be getting quieter.

Have you had to slowly turn the volume up on your TV over time? For instance, was volume level 7 okay when you bought the TV, but now you need it on volume 9? A lot of people blame this change on the television, figuring that the speakers are wearing out. While this is sometimes the case, having to turn up the volume can also mean your hearing has started to slip.

You have trouble hearing in a crowded room.

When there are a lot of people in a room, do you struggle to have a conversation, even when the person you are talking to is right beside you? Minor hearing loss can make it harder to distinguish between background noise and the sounds you really want to hear. You may also struggle with conversation in the car with the radio on, or when the TV is playing in the background.

You miss sounds like the phone ringing.

If you sometimes find that your phone rang, but you missed it -- or that the timer rang, and you overlooked it -- this could mean your hearing is starting to diminish. Others may also mention noises, like an airplane overhead or a beeping noise, that you did not hear.

If you notice any of the signs above, it is time to schedule a hearing test sooner rather than later. A hearing test is simple and painless, and you should generally get the results the same day -- often immediately after the test. If you are suffering from hearing loss, beginning treatment with a hearing aid will make your life a lot easier and eliminate the issues you're noticed. Contact a hearing clinic, like Eartech  Hearing &  Balance Professionals, for more help.