Using Acupuncture For Smoking Cessation? Commit To These Ideas, Too

Whether your family doctor has advised you to quit smoking or you've just decided to make this healthy decision on your own, one method that you might consider is acupuncture. Many people have had success using acupuncture to curb this unhealthy habit, and setting up a consultation appointment at a local acupuncture clinic can give you some details on how this process will go. Generally, you'll need to return to the clinic for several appointments, but you'll ideally notice a reduced desire to smoke as the appointments go on. To increase the probability of success, you should keep a series of ideas in mind that can support the acupuncturist's efforts. Here are some things to do.

Toss Your Cigarettes

Your acupuncture practitioner is working hard to help lower your desire to smoke, and you're spending time and money following this course of action. The last thing that you want to do is get tempted to have a cigarette, and this temptation will be lower if you make sure to throw out any cigarettes that you have. Whether you have a pack in your home, in your car, or even in your jacket, getting rid of them will help you avoid the urge to smoke — which will be decreasing through acupuncture but could increase if you notice a cigarette nearby.

Avoid Spending Time With Smokers

Your acupuncture sessions will be lowering your temptation to reach for a cigarette, but you can help speed up the smoke cessation process by keeping away from those who smoke, whenever possible. If you have friends or family workers who smoke, hanging out with them can awaken your desire to light up. This can especially be the case if you have a friend who is constantly offering you a cigarette or talking about how much he or she enjoys smoking. While you can't always avoid family members who smoke, try to stay away from them when they're actually smoking.

Avoid Smoking-Related Habits

For some people, certain habits can make them want to start smoking again — even if they've had several acupuncture sessions and their overall attraction to smoking is significantly less. For example, if you often enjoyed smoking while you were drinking alcohol, you might wish to skip drinking alcohol for a while. Or, if you took smoke breaks at work with a group of co-workers, don't join them outside any longer. It's easy to think that you'll go out with them just to hang out, but the desire to smoke could come back. Speak to a local acupuncturist, such as at Acupuncture is My Life, for help with curbing this unhealthy habit.