Remain Sober And Optimistic As A Recovering Alcoholic

If you are a recovering alcoholic and have recently been experiencing situations that have tempted you to begin drinking again, causing you to feel as if you will eventually give in to the cravings that you have experienced, the following tips may help you remain remain sober and optimistic. Reveal Your Feelings To A Sponsor And Peers If you feel isolated and hopeless, turning to alcohol may seem like a solution that will help you cope with the negativity that you have been dealing with. [Read More]

3 Ways To Make Getting Through Your Child's Next Round Of Vaccinations Easier

Getting through a round of vaccinations only takes a few minutes, but the anxiety alone can cause children to act out as soon as they learn that they are due to visit the pediatrician. Childhood vaccinations are a necessary and vital part of routine pediatric physicians' visits, but trying to reason with a fearful child is pretty much futile. Use these three tips to make you and your child's next visit to the pediatrician faster, easier and more enjoyable for all parties involved. [Read More]

Not Every Case Of Itchy Eyes Is An Allergy: Other Causes Of The Problem

It's not advisable to jump to conclusions whenever you have an eye problem. If your assumption is way off the mark, you may end up treating the wrong condition. For example, if you have an itchy eye, you may automatically assume that you are dealing with an eye allergy since allergies are a leading cause of itchy eyes. However, there are other conditions that may cause itchy eyes, such as the following: [Read More]

What Fertility Treatment Is Right For You?

Millions of Americans experience infertility each year, requiring extra assistance in order to become pregnant. The emotional struggle of infertility can be hard to handle; however, science and medical treatments improve with every year that passes. With new techniques, more couples are conceiving each year. These popular fertility options may be the right choice for you and your partner: 1. Fertility Drugs These treatments are often taken orally but they may also be injected, inducing ovulation with the help of hormones. [Read More]